Filming in Frenchtown II 4/7

This week we finished up our films that we started last week in Frenchtown. We divided into two groups; the first group went on to film more locations for dancing, and the second group went back to the Goodbread Community to meet with the Pepper Lady. Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.28.44 PM

The second group also had the opportunity to talk to the owners of the Ash Gallery in Frenchtown, and explore the backyard area.

The dance group also filmed the each other doing parkour throughout the Frenchtown area.

Both groups convened at the Pepper Lady’s house to talk a little bit about what she does in the Frenchtown area. We also had the opportunity to eat some of the edible fruit that was growing in her front yard.

Our trip through Frenchtown ended with a collaborative dance session in front of the Goodbread Community sign. We also want to give a little birthday shoutout to Joe! Happy Birthday!


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