Frenchtown Heritage Festival

The day has finally arrived! We had a really great time at the Frenchtown Heritage Fest, and we got to meet some really great people while mingling with the Frenchtown community members. We even had some people interview us!


We had the opportunity to interview a variety of people, all who had very enlightening stories to tell us about Frenchtown and food access. It seems as though most people in Frenchtown know what a food desert is and what the community is doing in order to provide fresh produce to the Frenchtown locals. These are just a few of the wonderful people that participated in our Frenchtown Storybooth:

We even went to some of the other vendors and asked them what they thought about food access in Frenchtown, and they were happy to participate!


The highlight of the Frenchtown Heritage Festival was meeting the Mayor of Tallahassee! He watched our taste test video, did an interview with our teens, and even posed for a picture with all of us afterwards!

We are so excited to share this wonderful experience with everyone once we get our video edited and released. But for now, we will be preparing for The Better Block Party happening next week! We look forward to the people that we will meet at this event and what they have to say about the Frenchtown community.


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