Taste Test Day!

We had a great time at PMTC this week! Today we decided to begin our filming with a taste test that compares processed foods found at local grocery stores in Frenchtown with fresh foods found outside of the local food desert. We first split up into groups of two, and then we began to prepare our plates.

The first taste test we had was with pickle flavored chips, pickles, and fresh cucumbers. Each participant tried all three and then discussed what they thought of the food products. An overwhelming majority preferred the cucumbers over everything else.


Our second round was with orange-flavored things. We started with candied orange slices, orange soda, and fresh orange slices. To our surprise, after eating such sweet orange-flavored products, the oranges tasted very bitter by comparison, but they were still a favorite.


Our third taste test was with peanut products (fortunately no one participating had a peanut allergy!). We started with peanut butter M&M’s, then we tried crunchy peanut butter, boiled peanuts, and fresh peanuts. Although we expected most of the students to pick the peanut M&M’s, many of them chose the boiled peanuts, or as we called them: “Wet Peanuts”.


The final, and possibly most formidable taste test, was the meats. We began with highly processed beef jerky (of the Slim Jim variety) and then we moved onto the dreaded canned beef, which we were surprised to find that although it looked and smelled like dog food, it wasn’t as terrible as we thought. The third type of meat we tried was deli pastrami, and the final meat we had was homemade steak with gravy. Overall, the votes were split between the steak and the beef jerky.


After completing our taste test, we had everyone read out the ingredients found in each product we tried. Some of the products were easy, such as the cucumbers, but others had ingredients we couldn’t even pronounce!


Overall, we had a really great time experimenting with processed food versus fresh food, and we are excited to begin filming the adventures of Black Superman next week!


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