Storyboard Day

This week was a fantastic week at PMTC! After our last few weeks of exploring Frenchtown and discussing what we saw, we decided to start working on our PSA’s for the Heritage Fest that is happening on the 5th of November.

We began by watching some videos on food deserts, and watching a PSA about distracted driving. Then we had a discussion on what these videos meant and how they apply to what we are doing.


Later, we started plotting out some of the big ideas that we wanted to tackle with these PSA’s and we narrowed it down to Fresh Food Access in the Frenchtown area. We then began to brainstorm on different ways we can approach this issue, and we split into three groups that would each tackle the following issues: access to fresh produce, farmers markets, and types of foods found in a food desert.


The first group decided that they wanted to bring back a familiar character that was created over the summer: Black Superman! In this PSA, Black Superman will help a group of children locate fresh citrus in different areas around Frenchtown. In the second PSA, a group of children would informally interview consumers, farmers, and organizers of a local farmers market held at the Heritage Hub.  The third PSA would be focused on the difference between fresh food and processed food, and there would be a taste test to determine which one tastes better. Once we planned out our PSA’s, we took to the storyboard and wrote out our plans, scene by scene, including dialogue and participating actors.

We later presented each option to the rest of the class and received feedback on each of our PSA’s, and we were rewarded with brownies!

Next week we will begin filming these PSA’s so that they will be ready for the Heritage Fest in a few weeks. We are excited to hit the ground running and see what we come up with!



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