Reflection Day

This week we decided to change things up a bit and have a meeting at the Palmer Monroe Teen Center. When we arrived, half of the group was taking a creative writing course, so we had to bide our time with a dance-off until the other group could join us. While the teens were dancing, we took turns downloading the photos from the past excursions off of their phones.

Once we had everyone together, we decided to have a conversation about what we’ve been exploring the last couple of weeks. First we talked about what the Heritage Hub and some of the issues that we saw there. The teens were able to recall that the Heritage Hub has a farmers market on Saturdays and the purpose of these markets is to make the community better. They recognized the issue of food deserts, and then we went on to talk about how farmers markets help with the food deserts because they provide local produce to the surrounding community. We also discussed the trip to the Dollar General Store and what we noticed about the food there: it is mostly snacks and processed foods, there was no fresh/healthy food other than some cheese. Overall the group was excited about making at trip to go visit this farmers market on the 22nd of this month.

We also discussed our latest excursion to the Better Block. We talked about how Build a Better Block is focused on improving parts of Frenchtown by bringing in local businesses to the area as well as local consumerism. One of our teens filled us on in an interview that he had with one of the community members, explaining to us that this community member was trying to spread awareness about the program and to get the city to bring in locally grown fruits and vegetables that are sold at a lower price instead of having to transport them from 5,000 miles away. We also discussed what we can do to improve our interviewing skills. Some suggestions were that we branch out a little bit more, more cameras, working in teams and timing.We also remembered iGrow, and the chickens, and how iGrow worked as a community farm that provided fresh fruits and vegetables to the surrounding areas.

Then we looked ahead at the coming weeks. The following week, we will be working on creating a few PSA’s for some of the issues that we have seen in Frenchtown over the last couple of months; this includes choosing a topic, writing the storyboards, writing the scripts and choosing the actors. The following two weeks we will be filming these PSA’s. We are looking forward to the farmers market visit on the 22nd, as well as the Heritage Fest happening on November 5th and the Build a Better Block Event on November 17th. We are all very excited to get started on these projects!


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