Better block party!

Earlier this week we were excited to learn about an event going on in Frenchtown called Jazz in the Back, hosted by Better Block Frenchtown. We decided that this would be a great opportunity for everyone to get to explore parts of Frenchtown that we have not seen before. We briefly discussed our purpose for going to this event, and constructed some open-ended interview questions that we could ask some of the organizers when we got to the event.


Our first stop was the Jazz in the Back event, which we arrived to a little early in order to get settled in and talk to some of the people responsible for hosting this event. The event was hosted behind a local art gallery, and we walked around the premises inspecting all the interesting artwork that was display amongst the forested backyard area.

While we were waiting for more people to show up, we started talking with some of the organizers of the event, and they explained to us the purpose of the Better Block Initiative. The purpose of this event was to gather the community together to talk about changes they want to see in the Frenchtown area. After discussing this initiative, we decided to take a short walk to the center of the Better Block program and look at some of the vacant storefronts they are hoping to fill with local business.


After exploring the Better Block area, it was suggested that we visit a local garden project called IGrow that is located just a block away. At IGrow, we saw many different types of fruits and vegetables being grown, as well as an aquaponic system and a chicken coop.

IMG_0208 (1).JPG


Following our exploration of IGrow, we decided to head back to the Jazz in the Back party and talk to some more people from the community. When we arrived at the party, there were several  more people than before, and we were excited to mingle with the local community members and listen to some local jazz music.


We even got a chance to practice our interviewing skills with some of the local activists for Better Block Frenchtown!

IMG_0289 (1).JPG

All in all, the trip was an absolute success! We had the opportunity to see what local community members thought about the Frenchtown area, and we got to hear about some of their suggestions for improving it. We also got a chance to see what some projects are doing about the food desert in Frenchtown and how we can help! Looking forward to the discussion we will have about all that we have seen this week in Frenchtown!


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