Visiting the Heritage Hub

This week we had the privilege of visiting the Heritage Hub, which is a local community organization that focuses on providing the residents of Frenchtown with locally grown produce.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the head of the Heritage Hub, Michelle Gomez. We sat and talked for a little while about what the center has to offer, including weekly farmers markets and a grand opening that is happening November 5th. We determined that this would be a good deadline for the projects that we would be starting the following week.


Following the discussion on the exciting upcoming events at Heritage Hub, Michelle took us on a tour of the center to see some of the renovations that were happening. Amongst other additions to the building, the warehouse space is being converted into a massive communal kitchen for local residents to use as needed.


After exploring the inside of the building, we moved outside to see the location where the farmers markets take place. We also had the chance to see the beginning stages of the Living Classroom project, which is a project that uses several large garden boxes to educate  people on how to grow their own produce.


We later had a brief discussion on what we wanted to do for our next video project. We settled on the idea of doing a Public Service Announcement on some of the local issues affecting the Frenchtown community. In an effort to explore more of the surrounding areas of the Heritage Hub, we went on a walk throughout the neighborhood and ended up at the closest available supermarket, The Dollar General.


Inside the Dollar General, we walked through the isles to see what different types of food this supermarket had to offer. Many of us noticed that most of the food was prepackaged, and- just as we suspected- there was no fresh produce.

So far our experience with the Heritage Hub has been great, and we are very happy to collaborate with them in order to bring awareness to some of the pressing food issues that we are just beginning to explore. We have a lot to think about in the following weeks to come!


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